Exmouth Community College's sports stars

TALENTED sports stars to look out for in the future were recognised at an awards ceremony. Exmouth Community College held its annual sports function last Thursday, April 30, which recognised the achievements of the athletes in this academic year.

TALENTED sports stars to look out for in the future were recognised at an awards ceremony.

Exmouth Community College held its annual sports function last Thursday, April 30, which recognised the achievements of the athletes in this academic year.

In an OFSTED inspection of the PE department conducted in November 2008, the college was judged to be a place where 'the quality of teaching and learning was outstanding'.

Stuart Lowe, the PE teacher who organised the ceremony, said there were some very talented sports people at the college.

"For a school this size and for the talent it has, it is only fitting to have an awards night like this to reward individuals," said Stuart.

The event was attended by an array of gifted sporting people from past and present.

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They included Olympic sailor Joe Glanfield from Exmouth and former Tottenham Hotspur football player Steve Perryman.

Reflecting on the success of the sport awards, Steve, 57, now director of football at Exeter City, said: "The college is a very positive-thinking place.

"The award night was really well put together. It is all part of education - to be better at sport and to become better people."

Headteacher Tony Alexander said he was delighted with how the evening had gone. He added: "Let's hope the college continues to improve and performs even better next year."

Prize winners on the night included Laura Allen, 13, in the hockey category; Alex Lane, 14, in badminton, Emily Steer, 13, in netball, and 15-year-old James Sharkey in cricket.

Sarah Collinge, 14, triumphed in the rounders section; Ben Waistell, 18, in rugby, Michael Gard, 15, in swimming, Hannah Sharpe, 15, in table tennis and Sam Hopkins, 15, in basketball.

Thomas Allen, 16, who scooped the footballer of the year award, along with Stephanie Beck, 15, said: "I'm very pleased to have won the prize."

Like a number of the college's students who have excelled in their chosen sport in academic colours, Stephanie is one of many others to have flourished outside curriculum-time.

"I'm pleased. I've been on trial at Plymouth Argyle and got in - so we'll see what happens."

Jack Findel-Hawkins, 14, picked up the award in the tennis category and said one day he would like to be as good as Britain's number one Andrew Murray.

"It would be great to play at the same level as him - absolutely! I'm training hard at the moment. I practise every day, both early in the morning and at night."

Anthony Wood, who is part of a 2012 London Olympic Games potential squad, won the award for excellence outside the curriculum for his achievements in archery. The 16-year-old, when asked if he regarded himself as a modern-day Robin Hood, joked: "Maybe! Being part of the talent squad, I now get some funding to help with equipment and training."

Other award-winners included Lauren Ranft, 14, in the key stage three effort category; Daisy O'Loughlin, 15, in key stage four and Ryan Fraser-Roe won key stage four outstanding performer.

Joshua Sale took the post-16 special college award and Antony Wood, 16 scooped the prize for excellence outside of the curriculum. The team of the year award was handed to the boys U13 tennis team.


Exmouth Community College Sports Awards 2009 Football: Player of the Year: Nominations: Thomas Allen, Stephanie Beck, Sebastian Jones; Winner (2) Thomas Allen and Stephanie Beck; Award presented by Steve Perryman.

Hockey: Nominations: Laura Allen, Rebecca Barnett, Alice Shoulder; Winner: Laura Allen; Award presented by Lucy Dawkins.

Badminton: Nominations: Jordan Camsey, Alex Lane, Ben Lane; Winner: Alex Lane; Award presented by Sue Louis-Lane.

Tennis: Nominations: Sarah Collinge, Jack Findel-Hawkins, Sebastian Jones, Max Lewin; Winner: Jack Findel-Hawkins; Award presented by Bob Louis.

Netball: Nominations: Ellis Jephtha, Emily Steer, Natalie Volpini; Winner: Emily Steer; Award presented by Katherine McGinley.

Cricket: Nominations: Joseph Marley, Alex Richardson, James Sharkey; Winner: James Sharkey; Award presented by Bob Dawson.

Rounders: Nominations: Laura Allen, Sarah Collinge, Emily Fowler; Winner: Sarah Collinge; Award presented by Steve Kibble.

Rugby: Nominations: Lewis Davison, Ryan Fraser-Roe, Ben Waistell; Winner: Ben Waistell; Award presented by Sam Blythe.

Swimming: Nominations: Michael Gard, Isabel Mitchell, Edward Taylor; Winner: Michael Gard; Award presented by Robert Bale.

Table Tennis: Nominations: Aaron Sansom, Hannah Sharpe, Oliver Sharpe; Winner: Hannah Sharpe; Award presented by Anne Bigg

Athletics: Nominations: Elene-Louise Holmes, Kieran Luxton, Jamie Pearson; Winner: Jamie Pearson; Award presented by Ashley Baker.

Basketball: Nominations: Sam Hopkins, Isaac Mourier, Alexander Wingfield; Winner: Sam Hopkins; Award presented by Rick Woodridge.

Team of the Year: Nominations: Boys' U14 Badminton, Boys' U13 Tennis, Girls' U15

Football; Winner: Boys' U13 Tennis; Award presented by Anne Louis.

KS3 Effort: Nominations: James England, Lauren Ranft, Natalie Volpini; Winner: Lauren Ranft; Award presented by Liz Lee.

KS4 Effort: Nominations: Tamsyn Burns, Christopher Charitou, Daisy O'Loughlin, Duncan Taylor; Winner: Daisy O'Loughlin; Award presented by ????

KS3 Outstanding Performer: Nominations: Laura Allen, Rebecca Barnett, Sebastian Jones; Winner: Sebastian Jones; Award presented by Rob Bale.

KS4 Outstanding Performer: Nominations: Ryan Fraser-Rose, Jason Le Huray, Daisy O'Loughlin; Winner: Ryan Fraser-Roe; Award presented by Brett Sturgess.

Post-16 Special College Award: Nominations: Jamie Pearson, Joshua Sale; Winner: Joshua Sale; Award presented by Joe Glanfield.

Excellence outside of the curriculum: Nominations: Alex Horlock, Duncan Taylor, Antony Wood; Winner: Antony Wood; Award presented by Joe Glanfield.

Lunch-time Football League Trophy: Ryan Fraser-Roe; Award presented by Steve Perryman.