What can we do to help our planet...and its inhabitants?

Exmouth Community Food Larder manager Anthony Bernard.

Exmouth Community Food Larder manager Anthony Bernard. - Credit: Picture: Simon Horn.

Guest columnist Anthony Bernard muses on current hot topics and looks towards an unselfish Christmas.

Exmouth Journal guest columnist Anthony Bernard, pictured in the Exmouth Community Larder. Photo by

Exmouth Journal guest columnist Anthony Bernard, pictured in the Exmouth Community Larder. Photo by Simon Horn. Ref exe 4336-18-13SH To order your copy of this photograph go to www.exmouthjournal.co.uk and click on MyPhotos24. - Credit: Archant

Plastics, Global Warming, Brexit, an Election and then Christmas - so many worries, so little time.

Walking or cycling reduces carbon emissions; even electric cars have a big carbon footprint. A brisk walk to the gym and back may also save the fees; another woolly jumper reduces the heating; we live in a holiday region, so why fly?

Wooden toys and paper bags instead of plastic. Imagine some research to find an enzyme or bug that will eat plastic - what about mooring ropes for boats and the toilet seat?

Brexit may mean a shortage of foreigners who work for low wages to pick our fruit and vegetables, staff hotels and other jobs we don't like.

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Is that not taking advantage of other people's disadvantage?

For the election: "Remember Guy Fawkes, the one person who went to Parliament intending to keep his promise."

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Christmas brings stress nowadays to many people, whether being lonely when others seem to be having fun or trying to make ends meet while buying presents.

In the foodbank we will remain open Mondays and Fridays during Christmas and New Year; the basics for meals are more important than mince pies!

Also, let's keep cheerful and spread warmth; every smile and friendly word may help to break through someone's cloud of stress.

The angel came first to announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds on the hillside, rough sleepers and the outcasts of society - not the religious leaders or senior officials.

That tells us how to prioritise those in menial, disadvantaged or troubled situations.

Meanwhile, let's do what is within reach to reduce plastic, avoid carbon emissions, pay the right price for menial work and express our views at the ballot box...but, above all, spread unselfish good humour and generosity to everyone we meet.

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