Exmouth celebrates major cash boost

Exmouth is set to have a new, free outdoor gym, seafront showers and newly-refurbished skate park and tennis courts - including a multi-sport area - by next summer.

In April, Exmouth residents were asked to vote on how they would spend �250,000 on sport in the town – and more than 600 residents had their say.

The cash, called Section 106 money, was paid as ‘compensation’ by developers to the people of Exmouth from building projects, which were judged to have used up valuable ‘amenity’ space.

The consultation drew 16 ideas from individuals, community groups, sports clubs and other organisations - and now the results are in.

A total of �150,000 will be spent on a refurbished skatepark and tennis courts - with a mulit-use sports area - in Phear Park, as well as on seafront showers and an outdoor gym.

And �100,000 will go towards a new cycle route to eventually link an area near Hillcrest School to the town centre.

The voting process was held by East Devon District Council (EDDC) and Exmouth Town Council.

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Mayor Sandy Sutton said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for residents of Exmouth.

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who put in their ideas and came out and voted.”

Once rubber-stamped by the town council on September 12, the cash will be formally offered.

Jamie Buckley, EDDC’S community engagement and funding officer, said: “We are extremely pleased with the enthusiastic response we received from the people of Exmouth.

“We always run exercises like this when we have Section 106 funding available, so we can make sure the community gets what it wants.”

l See an in-depth report on page six about how the money will be spent.