Exmouth carnival queen appeal

An appeal has been made by Exmouth’s carnival committee for a carnival queen and attendants. The closing date is June 20 2011.

Exmouth Carnival Committee is on the lookout for a queen and two attendants to appear in the October carnival.

Traditionally the queen can be aged up to 16, while her attendants, boys or girls, can be up to the age of 12.

The successful applicants will appear on an open-top vehicle during Exmouth carnival only.

The closing date for applicants is June 20. Youngsters applying need to write to the committee, with information about themselves and why they would like to be queen, or an attendant, and represent the carnival.

The carnival committee is to hold talks with the council about a new route for the carnival, taking in The Strand development.

Carnival chairman Angela McBrayne said: “At present we cannot confirm the new route for the carnival procession due to the changes made recently on The Strand - though a new route will be discussed with the council shortly and we will inform Exmouth residents when this has been confirmed.

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“We are still very positive that the change of route will not effect the amount of crowds or entries to the carnival.”

The carnival committee recently disbanded and reformed with a host of new members – all with experience of fundraising and carnivals.

Former Exmouth carnival organisers Rob Waller and Ron Roberts will take on advisory roles to the new committee.

The new line-up includes chairman Angela McBrayne, procession organiser Sandi Steer, and Justine Payton as treasurer-secretary.

Franklins caf� and bar is supporting the carnival by supplying the venue for fundraising events and committee meetings.

• Carnival queen and attendant applicants can write to Exmouth Carnival 90, Old Tiverton Road, Exeter.

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