Exmouth care home residents help organise time capsule

RESIDENTS from an Exmouth care home helped organise the burial of a time capsule.

The historic cache of goods buried at Summerleaze residential home, in Salterton Road, last week, included stamps, a pen, coins, mobile phone and newspapers.

Mike Covell, the home owner, said it was during a discussion group with residents that it was decided to create a time capsule.

He said: “It was decided to compile a selection of items typical of the present but which they felt would become history in the not too distant future.

“They also wrote a letter to the people of the future with a little advice from the present and detailing their hopes for the years to come.”

The project was facilitated by Sue Moore, a holistic therapist.

Residents are hoping the time capsule will not be dug up for at least 50 years.