Exmouth car sales probe

CONCERN is mounting over the legality of the amount of cars which are being advertised as for sale on roads in Exmouth.

A flock of vehicles have been spotted parked on a number of streets in the town recently, notably both Exeter and Salterton Roads.

Residents and business people from the areas have questioned whether the cars, which have been parked within a close proximity to one another, are being sold commercially by a trader.

A spokesperson for East Devon District Council said the local authority had received several complaints from members of the public about cars in Salterton Road which were displaying ‘for sale’ signs.

Notices were placed on them explaining it was illegal to run a business selling vehicles from the street but the private sale of cars was permitted.

The spokesperson added: “As a result of these notices, two car owners rang us to explain that they were selling the cars privately; the remainder of the cars were removed.

“However, we are continuing to monitor the situation.

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“Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, the council is empowered to take legal action if two or more cars are for sale within a space of 500 metres and it can be proved that the cars are being sold commercially.

“If someone is found guilty of running a business in this way, they could be fined up to �2,500.

“Due to our initial success, we will continue to issue notices if, and when, the occasion arises.

“We would also ask that people contact our planning enforcement team on (01395) 517536 if they suspect that a commercial car selling operation is being run from the roadside.”

Shaun Gorman, manager of the Cranford Sports Club, said, in his opinion, it was blatant traders who had been parking cars on the street.

He said the fact that the vehicles were parked so close to the sports club was a hindrance.

“We have a car park which our members use but, if it is full, they could park on the side of the road where it is permitted. This, however, can’t happen when the vehicles for sale are there.”

A spokesperson for Devon County Council’s trading standard’s service confirmed it had leafleted cars on Salterton Road to raise awareness about the issue.

“We have leafleted cars on Salterton Road in Exmouth to raise awareness among sellers about whether they have made it clear to consumers if they are private or trade sellers,” he said.