Exmouth businessman’s play triumph all started with a budgie

Jef Pirie who runs the Littleham and High Street launderettes wrote a one act play entitled 'I'd Lik

Jef Pirie who runs the Littleham and High Street launderettes wrote a one act play entitled 'I'd Like to Believe in Angels' which won the Exmouth One Act Play Festival recently. Ref exe 1733-25-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

An Exmouth playwright is looking to get his work published after he won two awards at a recent drama festival.

Retired actor Jeff Pirie, 71, won best director and best original script for his play at the Exmouth One Act Play Festival.

The play called I’d Like to Believe in Angels was performed at the Blackmore Theatre as part of the annual event organised by the Exmouth Players.

Jeff, who owns launderettes in Exmouth’s High Street and Littleham, said: “The event went very well for us - the Exmouth One Act Play Festival is respected in the South West.

“This latest play came to me because a few years ago a friend asked me to look after her budgie.

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“I let it out to allow it to fly around for a bit and it was completely unable to fly.

“It hadn’t exercised its wings and I thought that was a bit like the human condition.”

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Before he came to Exmouth, Jeff worked as a professional actor in London for 20 years.

It was during this time that he found his passion for writing.

While out of work between acting jobs, he used to write short plays. Jeff is now looking for someone to publish his work, having recently finished editing the script.

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