Exmouth businessman delighted with cleanliness award

THE OWNER of Stuart Line Cruises has spoken of his delight after Exmouth Tidy Group presented the business with an award.

Ian Stuart is grateful to the group after it recognised the work he and his colleagues had undertaken in making sure the area near the company office was kept clean and tidy.

Stuart Line Cruises is based in a portacabin at Mamhead Garden.

Ian said: “We try to keep the area as tidy as possible by sweeping the paving outside and picking up any litter that blows in.

“Our flower boxes add a little bit of colour throughout the year and we regularly change them with the seasons.”

Mr Stuart added: “The flower beds, run by the council around the booking office, add even more colour, although, this year’s summer storm caused some saltwater contamination.

“This meant they were not quite a bright as we could have been.”

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Stuart Line Cruises, as well as doing its bit in making sure Exmouth is kept clean, helps a number of charities and good causes.

During the last two years – the period in which the business has been permitted to be in Mamhead Gardens – the business has raised more than �2000 for Exmouth Lifeboat Station and also raised money to benefit the Exe Estuary.

Mr Stuart said: “Moving to the Mamhead Garden site has made it safer for our customers to enter and leave our booking office.

“They are no longer stepping out onto a busy road junction or trying to dodge reversing boat trailers on the slipway.

“It has made us more visible to people walking along the seafront and they are able to safely stop and read our boards or ask questions.

“This is especially important for our more elderly or disable visitors as they have level access to a member of staff.

“We very much appreciate the permission we have been granted to be in the Mamhead Gardens and whilst it is only temporary, we hope that both visitors and residents are happy with us being there until a more permanent position on the docks is possible.”