Exmouth business site green light

Clinton Devon Estates is forging ahead with plans to build a second business park in Exmouth

The company behind plans to build a second major business site in Exmouth is shunning recession fears and forging ahead.

Clinton Devon Estates has begun marketing its Liverton 2 Business Park, on the outskirts of Exmouth, and is already in advanced negotiations with prospective tenants.

Clinton Devon Estates is giving its first tenants chance to influence how their units are built, subject to necessary planning approvals, ahead of work starting in the autumn.

Leigh Rix, head of property and land for Clinton Devon Estates, said: “Some people thought we would hold back from developing the site because of the fragile UK economy and fears of a double-dip recession.

“We know there is a lot of nervousness out there but we also know our offer is good and we are actively working with firms to support them in making the move now so they are ready for when the upturn comes.”

The original award-winning Liverton Business Park - now home to major brand names including Halfords, B&Q and McDonalds - was developed through two recessions.

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It is thought the new employment space will attract firms unable to find suitable growth space in the city but who want to stay in the Exeter/East Devon area because of road, rail and airport networks.

The consented site will offer in the region of 10,000m2 of new space from 2010.

The park will be fully landscaped to include cycle route and footpath links to the local community.

“This opportunity is unique and the space we have is limited. I would encourage firms to talk to us so that they can secure their next expansion move while the opportunity is here,” added Mr Rix.

Clinton Devon Estates’ retained Agent Malcolm Williams, from Harrison-Lavers and Potburys, said: “All of the leadership advice to businesses is to use the recession to prepare for growth as the economy recovers.

“Securing a lease on favourable terms now will ensure that when the market picks up and rent yields begin to rise once more, the businesses at Liverton 2 have a competitive advantage.”

• Interested tenants should contact Malcolm Williams on 01395 516633 or by emailing mwilliams.hlp@btinternet.com