Exmouth Business Awards 2018: event brings rare recognition to firms with international portfolios

Colin Robertson of Splash Projects with his Exmouth Business Award. Ref exe 15 18TI 1228. Picture: T

Colin Robertson of Splash Projects with his Exmouth Business Award. Ref exe 15 18TI 1228. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

The Exmouth Business Awards offers welcome local recognition for companies carrying out their work overseas.

For example, 2017’s Best Business of the Year, Splash Projects, has a portfolio with international reach.

The organisation delivers ‘innovative experiential learning programmes through real-life community projects’ to diverse groups of people across the globe.

Head of marketing and communication, Toby Rix, said last year’s win came as a complete surprise, leading to more local acknowledgement of their work.

He said: “We were ecstatic to win! More than anything it was good to receive recognition in our home town and to feel a part of the vibrant local Exmouth business community.

“This is especially so, as most of our work is done overseas and our presence in Exmouth often goes under the radar.

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“The awards show how vibrant the business community is in the town, providing employment and a wonderful range of goods and services. They also demonstrate the ingenuity of local businesses.”

Starting as a PR and editorial business in 2000, Splash moved onto the management of community projects in 2005 and since then has completed hundreds of project-builds.

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The organisation works with diverse groups, such as students with behavioural challenges; homeless people; corporates and business schools.

Among its projects have been outdoor and indoor play areas, sensory garden spaces and accommodation refurbishments.

And Tony said winning the award led to further growth and recognition for the business during the following 12 months.

He said: “We were runners up in the Western Morning News Small Business of the Year awards and carried out more projects than ever before.

“We also carried out projects in Africa, Asia, the US and Europe and continued to work with the top business schools in the world.”

Tony said although ‘delighted’ at last year’s win, Splash would not be entering for the 2018 awards, being held at Ocean, on Friday, May 18.

However he did offer some advice for organisations hoping to win the award for Best Business.

“Go for it! And book your seats early as it’s one of the best social events of the year!”

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