Exmouth bride to catch bus to wedding ceremony

An Exmouth bride has just the ticket for her wedding on Saturday - she’ll be taking the number 57 bus to tie the knot.

After twice failing her driving test, student nurse Eve Lewis, 25, of Exeter Road, takes the bus everywhere – and her wedding day will be no exception.

On Saturday afternoon, Eve, wearing her veil, tiara, white dress with layers of petticoats - and carrying a bag-shaped bouquet - will catch the bus to Lympstone from the stop outside her home.

She will be accompanied by her five bridesmaids, Kim Jones, 25, Fiona Bicket, 25, Kelly Prichard, 25 and sisters, 20-year-old Patsy and Megan Lewis, 21, all wearing pink 1950s-style dresses, also with full petticoats, and carrying mini-bouquets.

The bride’s father, Ceri Lewis, 52, Second Warrant Officer at Lympstone Training Camp, will be riding the bus while dressed in full regimental uniform and carrying a six-foot sword.

The wedding party will take the bride’s favourite mode of transport to the commando training camp, where she will marry fianc�, care support worker Michael Moulton-Brady, 25.

Soon-to-be-wed Eve said: “My entire life revolves around getting on the bus, so when it came to organising a car and finding it was expensive - �200 to go less than a mile up the road – I thought why not get the bus.

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“It was a big joke to begin with. We laughed about it, then thought it was a really good idea. I thought I would surprise the shoppers on the No 57 bus.

“It’s just going to be a laugh. God bless the bus! I am sorry if we cause inconvenience by getting on the bus that day.”

Eve, who has been planning her wedding for the last year-and-a-half, put the idea to her fianc�, who she met five years ago, then contacted Stagecoach, which agreed to fund the trip and dress the bus with ribbons.

Manchester University student Eve said: “Mikey is cringing. He thinks everybody will think it’s because we are tight and don’t want to spend money. He’s coming round to the funny side of it.

“I have told him it’s not about the money. It’s about the fun side of it.

“I want something I can remember and to tell my grandchildren.

“The bus is reliable and the number 57 runs every few minutes - it’s brilliant.”

The couple, who will not have seen each for a month and a half before the wedding, will hold their reception at the marine camp before jetting off on honeymoon to Marrakesh.