Exmouth breast cancer survivor helps others

Exmouth breast cancer sufferer Jean Diggins, who set up the Can Cope support group for breast cancer sufferers, is welcoming new members

Jean Diggins was treated for the disease 19 years ago and set up her own support group under the umbrella of Can Cope when she found little help available for breast cancer sufferers.

The Exmouth Can Cope group, which meets from 10.30am until noon on the first Thursday of every month at Ratcliffe House, Withycombe, welcomes women straight from diagnosis.

Mrs Diggins said new members would receive support, in confidence, from other women who had gone through similar experiences, learn relaxation techniques and be given information.

She said hospital and home visits could be arranged and telephone support was also available.

The group founder said: “Nineteen years ago I was treated for breast cancer. At that time many people’s attitude to cancer was unhelpful, to put it mildly.

“Apart from family and a few understanding friends, the only support came from a part-time breast care nurse at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, who was hard pushed to care for a very large number of patients.”

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The group also organises outings and talks.

Sue Canahan has taken over the role of leader and will be at sessions to welcome new members.