Exmouth boy recovers from car incident

The parents of an Exmouth youngster who was knocked off his bike by a car last week have have been speaking about the incident

A SHY youngster who recovered from life-threatening meningitis when he was younger has suffered a blow to his confidence after been knocked down by a car.

Ten-year-old Jay Sutton, of High View Gardens, Exmouth, was launched off a bike he was riding in Phear Avenue last week after been hit by a vehicle. He sustained a number of bruises and cuts to his legs.

Jay’s mum and dad, John and Debbie, said his injuries may have been a lot worse if the cycle did not have stunt pegs attached to its wheels.

Without the fitments, they believed it would have caused the bike to fall flat on the floor and potentially dragged him under the car.

Jay, who attends St Joseph’s Primary School along with his sister, Abbie, eight, suffered from a form of meningitis a number of years ago. His parents, at one point, were told he only had four hours to live.

Mr Sutton said since his son recovered from the condition, the youngster has become quite shy and introverted.

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“Since this incident has happened, it has shaken his confidence and knocked it back down again. We feel as though we have taken two steps forward and gone back ten,” he said.

Jay was taken to hospital but later discharged.

Police issued an appeal for witnesses to help locate the driver following the incident, initially treating what happened as a suspected hit and run.

A female motorist was alleged to have stopped, exited the driver’s door to check her vehicle, and then drove away.

Mr Sutton said for a long time Jay had only been allowed to ride his bike around a small patch of grass which they shared with neighbours located in front of their home.

But because both he and his wife feel he is getting older, they have started to allow him to cycle slightly further afield.

Mrs Sutton said: “We have started giving Jay a little bit of leeway because he starts at Exmouth Community College next September.”

She added: “To get his confidence up is a big thing. He can come across as really confident but that’s not always the case.

“He never opens Christmas or birthday presents, for instance, in front of us. He has to go in another room because of a lack of confidence.

“The whole family is really protective over him because of the way he is,” she said.

Police confirmed last Friday, September 17, that a woman had contacted them and admitted she was driving a car which stuck the youngster.

Officers are continuing to investigate the incident.