Proposal for a permanent beach volleyball pitch on an East Devon beach

People playing beach volleyball on Exmouth seafront

Beach volleyball on Exmouth beach - Credit: Stephen Craven

Exmouth could become a regional centre for beach volleyball.

Speaking on behalf of the club, Mark Myerson invited the council’s Exmouth Queen’s Drive delivery group and East Devon District Council to think about the temporary grass car park on Queens Drive to be turned into a permanent pitch.

Beach volleyball nets have been on Exmouth beach since the 1980s. Permanent nets were on the beach for around seven years before being washed away in 2014.

The club says it has a wide appeal with members ranging from 12 to 60-years-old with members coming from Dawlish, Plymouth, Exeter and Tavistock as well as Exmouth. 

Mr Myerson said a permanent court “could attract some of the best players in the country through tournaments, and provide us with a unique space for many other activities such as beach football, beach rugby, beach tennis, beach netball, fitness classes and other outdoor events.”

Mr Myerson is confident that funding could be organised if the court is approved, but officers say the council can only set up one-year agreements until a permanent decision is made on the land. 

Councillor Chris Wright (Independent, Exmouth Littleham) said he understood the concerns but suggested officers speak to the volleyball club to see if a temporary arrangement could be agreed upon.

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He said it was a “very compelling” idea given the number of people interested across different age groups,  adding: “This is something  that we want that particular area to be used for because that sounds pretty inclusive to me.”

Officers agreed to speak to the volleyball club about potential uses of the fitness area in the short term.

It’s not the first time that the volleyball club has asked the council to consider a new court for Queens Drive. In March this year, Mr Myerson made a similar presentation to the council.

He explained that low sand levels on Exmouth beach were making it harder to play and exposing sticks and other debris. 

Councillors expressed some interest in the idea but also had concerns over how the set-up would return money for the council – and how the court would fit with the council’s long-term plans for the seafront.

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