Town council opposes 75-bed care home in Exmouth

Artist impression of how the new Barchester Healthcare care home, in Drake's Avenue, could look. Pic

Artist impression of how the new Barchester Healthcare care home, in Drake's Avenue, could look. Picture: East Devon District Council - Credit: East Devon District Council

Concerns have been raised over the lack of staff parking being provided by a proposed 75-bed care home in Exmouth.

At a meeting of the town council’s planning committee, members said a proposal to build the facility in Withycombe would only make on-street parking problems worse in the area known as ‘The Avenues’.

Councillors were told at the meeting objections had already been made on the grounds of the height of the building and the lack of on-site parking.

The committee voted to oppose the application, saying the proposal for the site of the now-demolished Moreton Care Home, in Drake’s Avenue, would be over development of the plot and had inadequate parking and emergency vehicle access.

Developer Barchester Homes says the new care home would create 120 jobs in the town and the application includes a provision for 30 on-site car parking spaces.

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Councillor Brian Toye argued that the proposal would be contrary to The Avenues Design Statement – a planning guidance document which sets out how the community want the area’s properties to look.

He said: “If we go for this one, the Avenues planning statement is completely useless – we might as well tear it up and ignore it.”

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Councillor Fred Caygill said: “I am concerned that it has only got 30 spaces showing on the plan yet we see it’s talking about 120 jobs.

“If you’ve got 120 staff and they’re coming in from other places, and there are only 30 spaces on that site, where are they going park? They are going to park outside people’s houses, in the road. It’s already overloaded with parking in the street.”

Councillor Maddie Chapman said: The building is very large but there is not enough parking and also in a care home like that you need specialist access for ambulances so there should be a route in, a roundabout and a way to get out again.

“As far as I can see, it hasn’t had much thought on parking or emergency vehicles.”

East Devon District Council will make the final decision.

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