Exeter Road fire - arson attack

The fire brigade believe a fire started at an Exeter Road shop was an arson attack. The police are investigating the cause.

Exmouth firefighters believe an Exeter Road shop was targeted by an arsonist after a small fire broke out.

Two fire crews were called to Curios house clearance in the early hours of Friday morning following a report the shop door was on fire.

When the crews arrived they found a rag tied around the door handle had been set alight.

Watch commander Nigel Snowshall said: “When we arrived a portion of the door was well alight.

“It appears that a rag or some material had been wrapped around the door handle and ignited.

“There was no other possible source of ignition and therefore we believe the fire to have been deliberately started.”

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Two fire engines arrived at around 1.20am and gained entry to the shop to check for any damage inside the property.

The crews used one hose reel jet to extinguish the flames and ventilation fans to clear smoke from the property.

Anyone with information about the fire is asked to contact Exmouth police on 08452 777444, quoting police log number 57.