EU interference

All I seem to read in the papers are reports of cut-backs. Just today, I read in the Journal of cut-backs that East Devon District Council is being obliged to make.

I wonder if any of your readers remember a TV show called The Young Ones. It was noted for a dimwit student muttering, “I don’ understand”. No, I don’t understand either. All this belt-tightening and HMG is handing over between �46 and �48 million every day to the EU!

That’s a high price for interference in every aspect of our life, red tape galore and stifling rules, especially when you think what we could spend all that money on. Oh, I know some befuddled people think we get money from the EU. We do. For every pound we get, we hand over �2.67.

It’s no wonder that almost 400,000 people have signed a petition asking HMG to get us out of the EU. It was handed over on January 31st. Didn’t you see it on the news, a massive petition like that? Well no, you wouldn’t have, because it was about opposition to the EU.

Ann Prior UKIP

75 Egremont Road,


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