Estuary grab

regarding the Masterplan for Exmouth. Well now, we wondered how much longer East Devon District Council could wait before they had another grab at our estuary side.

Now they are in the process, we are very pleased to see that the Imperial Recreation Ground is to be left as was intended when our old urban district council bought the land for us.

If an attempt had been made to deprive us of the fairgound; the place where sails can be laid out; the grass where kids can just kick a ball around or do handsprings; where we celebrate the kite festival; where we have home-made picnics on the riverside; where dogs can run and play and there are countless other uses, there would, doubtless, have been trouble.

Does anyone have any idea how much it has cost the council to fend off those of us who, over the years, have fought hard to protect that ground?

Ann and Ivan Prior

(via email).