Equally appalled

I WOULD like to respond to comments made following a planned appeal on February 10 by Adrian (Tommy) Dance to his custodial sentence for child sex offences. (Subsequently suspended)

Reference has been made as to how all his family and friends are backing him. With all due respect, this is simply not true.

I accept it is quite easy to generalise, particularly with gossip and speculation, but it is quite hurtful to those of us who are equally appalled and upset at the situation.

Indeed, some of the family members have willingly assisted the police with their enquiries in a desire to get justice for the victims.

If his wife chooses to stand by him in her naivety and misguided loyalty, then that is her choice.

Sadly, women putting themselves in this situation do nothing to help eradicate continued sexual abuse of children and young ladies. It just serves to confirm that it is accepted behaviour and gives the perpetrators the green light that it is OK to continue.

It is not and most of us understand that.

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Brenda M Berrington

(via email).