Enforce the law

Regarding skateboarding etc in The Strand, there are some people who have been saying the authorities should enforce the bye-laws for years. This problem has been creeping into the town centre for a long time.

Starting at Maer Walk along to Pavilion Walk and through to The Manor Gardens, it is against the law to cycle along these paths with a fine of �60. Also, it is illegal to cycle in The Magnolia Centre.

But, if you ask the council how many people have been fined for this offence, they will tell you none - because they say it is not financially practical to collect the fines.

I do not see the difference between this and car parking fines to collect or, that matter, dog fouling, which are enforced.

The law has let them get away with it for so long. So why should they care about The Strand?

You will also see an increase in skateboards being ridden down the main roads, along with mobility scooters illegally on the road, but nothing is done.

Get tough, enforce all the be-laws and confiscate their bikes, boards and balls.

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If you don’t, we will end up with travellers camping on The Strand!

Barry Marshall

(via email).