How can you help Exmouth?

Budleigh LIons Club members doing a litter pick near the Otter Estuary

Could you help with a beach clean? - Credit: Richard Allen

I’m a compulsive helper-outerer - I can’t resist putting my hand up and getting involved with things. 

I think I do it for two reasons: one, while I’m helping somebody else out it gives me good reason to procrastinate over jobs I should be doing for myself e.g. housework. 

And two, I do genuinely love being a part of something. 

When we moved to Devon in 1998, I knew nobody here at all. We moved in the summer so that I could start at Rolle and within a week of being here, my husband left for work abroad. 

Never having been faced with so much time to fill and no one to share it with, I picked up the Journal and was lucky enough to come across an article looking for volunteers for the Talking Newspaper. 

Along I went to my first shift and found myself part of a great little team recording and producing cassette tapes for local blind and partially-sighted people. 

I continued to help out with this scheme for a couple of years and I will be forever grateful to the charity and the other volunteers for welcoming me - not just into their organisation but to the town itself.

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There have been many times over that last 20 years when choosing to get involved has helped me find friends with new groups of people and do some good along the way, whether that be PTA events with schools, church fundraisers, helping friends run craft events or shaking a collection tin for charity.

Each time I helped with something, I left with more friends than I started with and each time I gained a better understanding and appreciation of our community in Exmouth. 

There are lots of opportunities for involvement in our town - what are you interested in and how can your skills help out? 

For example, there are weekly beach-cleans on a Sunday (8.30am Orcombe Point or The Marina). 

Could you help out at The Open Door Centre with the Community Café? 

How about volunteering to steward at Parkrun on a Saturday morning, or if you have coaching skills, approach one of our many rugby, football, netball or other sports clubs in Exmouth? 

Perhaps you could help with the Exmouth Foodbank or put in a shift at one of our many Charity shops. 

And if your young people are of school age why not go to that next PTA meeting, see what it’s all about. 

So much of our community relies on the people who turn up for free to make things happen and volunteering is your chance to keep Exmouth being the very best little town in Devon.