Effective system

Barbara Mason (letter, January 20) can confidently assume that she is not the only person in the Exmouth area who thinks that the new rubbish collection system is a good idea.

Could it be that we, the silent majority, are so bored and irritated by the endless whinging of the vocal minority seeking to impose their negative influence on virtually any new proposed scheme for Exmouth or Budleigh, that we have chosen instead to ignore them and get on with the practical implementation of what promises to be a very effective environmental project?

As for collections, the sizes and designs of the new bins should ensure that any unavoidable delays do not result in a catastrophic problem of earth shattering proportions.

Should we realistically consider “weekend working and additional resources” to deal with a local temporary collection backlog as suggested by Nathan Farrant? (letter January 20)

Thanks to appalling national governance and financial mismanagement on a monumental scale over many years, do we, as citizens, really believe that we still have a right to expect an ideal outcome, let alone perfection, from any of our service providers, notwithstanding the existence of any contingency funds, since these may well be needed for a real emergency in the future?

John Nettelton

3 Morven Drive

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