Yacht runs aground in Exe - Coastwatch responds.

Exmouth Coastwatch was called into action after a yacht ran aground in the Exe estuary.

Watchers saw the yacht run aground between Exmouth and Dawlish Warren, and observed as two people were taken off the boat by a RIB, and two others stayed on board until it was refloated by the tide.

Coastwatchers reported the incident to Brixham Coastguards, and kept watch on the yacht until it safely returned to Exmouth.

Castwatchers have also recently dealt with a man who turned up to the Coastwatch tower with out of date nautical flares, who was instructed to drive to Brixham Coastguard station and hand them in.

This incident came on the same day as the group’s latest meeting, which saw RNLI sea safety officer Peter Williams remind the group of the dangers of flares and pyrotechnics.