Votes help choose free-to-use gyms

Exmouth residents turned out in force last week to vote on the design for two new free-to-use outdoor gyms.

The event was held by East Devon District Council (EDDC) and Exmouth Town Council for residents of Exmouth to choose their new free-to-use outdoor gym.

The turnout was impressive, with 156 residents from all age-groups going along to vote during the Exmouth Festival.

One gym will be in the sunken gardens on the left hand side of the Pavilion near the seafront.

This gym will be an exercise bike, a rower and a climbing frame.

The second gym will be in a circuit around one of the paths in Phear Park and include a hanging abdominal exerciser, a chest press, a cross trainer, an ‘air walker’ a ladder, a pull-down bar a rower and a ski trainer.

EDDC will now contact the company which submitted the successful design and work with them to install the gym.

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EDDC, town councillors Pat Graham, Bill Nash, Jean Mitchell and Alison Greenhalgh, and three people who proposed the project have been working together to provide residents with the free-to-use outdoor gym that they want.

The outdoor gym was proposed and chosen by the local community. Last year, community groups, residents and other organisations were asked how to spend �150,000 of the sports funding accumulated from recent Exmouth housing developments.

These ideas were then taken out to residents and they were asked to vote on which ones they wanted to happen in Exmouth. One of the winning ideas was to spend �25,000 on free-to-use outdoor gym facilities.

Councillor Alison Greenhalgh said: “A big thank you to everyone who came and voted! People are really looking forward to this new facility for Exmouth, and were really pleased to be given the chance to be involved.”