Silver surfers head for Brixington

Pupils at Brixington Primary School are benefiting from computer sessions with pensioners. The youngsters have been helping OAPs learn about new technology while hearing about the past.

Brixington Primary school pupils are benefiting from teaching pensioners how to use the latest technology, teachers have revealed.

The school recently teamed up with the district council to hold a silver surfers’ day – and as a result monthly’ sharing technology’ computer sessions are to be run.

Year 6 pupil Sam Gelling, who has been helping with the project, said: “I really enjoyed helping the elderly people learn about the internet. I really got a lot out of it and it was great fun.”

Brixington Primary School teacher Nicki Wood, hailed the recent event a ‘success’, adding the school was now working closely with the district council to organise individual learning plans for each resident attending the sessions.

She said: “We felt that setting up a regular meet would be beneficial to not only the older residents, but also to our children who can share their skills in technology, attempt to close the digital divide and narrow the generation gap; whilst helping to build more cohesive communities.”

Jan Blair, ICT Technician at Brixington Primary School, said: “It’s a pleasure to witness the mutual learning experiences and communication across the ages, with the elderly learning about new technology and the children learning how different life was in the 1940s and 1950s.