Setback for new Lympstone classroom

Plans for a new classroom at Lympstone Primary School have suffered a setback after the scheme was reccomended for refusal by the parish council.

The school is proposing to build a new classroom on the site of the existing church room, which is to the south of the current school building.

The land has been offered to the school by the Parochial Church Council, and the school is planning to demolish the existing timber church room and build a steel-framed temporary classroom in its place, which the school would pay rent on.

The school is not planning to take on any more pupils, and would instead use the new room to reduce overcrowding in its existing classes.

However, the proposed site of the new building is in a planning conservation area, and the council said that the school had not obtained the required conservation consent.

The council also said that the proposed steel clad temporary classroom was not in character with the surrounding area and, unlike two previous temporary classrooms built at the school, it would be easily visible from the road.

Councillor Rob Longhurst said: “A building within a conservation area should come with conservation consent, therefore, we will refuse for that reason, pending a conservation report.

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“Also, the building proposed is not in character with the other buildings in its surroundings and is, therefore, outside East Devon policy.”

He added: “We strongly support the principle of expanding the school. However, it is about understanding the character of the area, and what the building is going to look like.”

The plans will now be considered by East Devon District Council.