School opens new library

A new library at Drake’s School has been opened – thanks to the fundraising efforts of children, teachers and staff.

The library was opened by successful children’s author Kathryn White after more than �4,600 was raised by events organised by the PTFA.

Now more than 440 new, non-fiction books have been purchased, focusing on the six school topics that are covered in a two-year rolling programme, plus other subjects of specific interest to the children, including cars.

Kathryn, who spent the day at Drake’s, said: “It’s so wonderful to see a school with a dedicated space for books and not to see them pushed to one side by the computers.”

As well as the extra stock of books, a government Harnessing Technology Grant has been used to buy a ‘Junior Librarian’.

The electronic system offers all the main features of a modern library system, giving the pupil librarians ownership and responsibility to manage their own use of the facility.

Carron Saunders, head teacher, said: “We have a strong emphasis on reading and writing at Drake’s and we expect the enhanced library will have huge benefits for the children, from helping them to take increased responsibility for management of the space and books, to inspiring learning through a greater range of reading material.

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“We are thrilled with the results and want to thank everyone, particularly Sarah Timms, the rest of the PTFA and everyone who put their time, effort and finances towards making it happen.”

She also thanked Marguerite Tait and the inspiring sixth year librarians for creating and maintaining such a special place in the school.