School appeals for support for music project


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An exciting new music project could help Budleigh’s youngest children get a head start in music, if it gets backing from the community.

The school is hoping to develop an early years music project in conjunction with Jane Parker, a parent at the school and early childhood music specialist.

The school says the project would see Jane working with ‘early childhood’ staff, children, families and musicians in Budleigh and the surrounding area, including working with Carousel Childcare and the school’s Foundation Stage Unit.

Jane previously collaborated with school staff and pupils on the ‘Keep Budleigh Library’ song and video which was released in the summer.

A school spokesman said: “We are really keen to create a musical legacy for all generations of Budleigh and beyond, and believe this project will have a huge impact on the way we work musically within our community.

“In order to do this we are currently looking to secure further funding and need your help.”

The school has established a fund to support the project.

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Anyone who would like to contribute is asked to contact the school by emailing