Rail users lobby for better Sunday service to Exeter

Exmouth rail users on the Avocet Line to Exeter are campaigning for a more frequent Sunday train service.

Currently there is just one train every hour on Sundays. The Avocet Line Rail Users Group (ALRUG), wants to see a half hourly service, like during the week.

ALRUG chairman Tony Day said: “Passenger counts we have taken on the line clearly show that, apart from the rush hour, as many people use the train on Sunday as during the week.

“It’s not just people heading for the beach either – plenty of people go into Exeter, whatever the weather, whilst Sunday is also a day when many people travelling long distance use the line to get to or from St David’s station. The Royal Marines use the line a lot on Sundays too.”

ALRUG has lobbied all the train operators bidding to run services from next year, MPs and the county council and he said: “We believe such a service would be commercially viable, and a more frequent service would attract more passengers, making any subsidy necessary for only a short period.”