Pupils help bring new life to West Down play area

Littleham school children have helped to plan, design and equip a new �23,000 play area.

The children, from Littleham C of E Primary School, teamed up with East Devon District Council (EDDC) to improve the run-down West Down Lane play area.

Pupils in year five/six have been working with engagement and funding officer, Jamie Buckley, to present their plans to EDDC.

The children had a budget of �23,000 to spend from cash donated by developers, following a series of housing developments.

The plans were recently endorsed by the town council and, over the past two weeks, they have taken responsibility for polling from other children in the school, as well as parents in preparation to submit a final plan.

They have chosen a variety of new and exciting equipment for all children under 14 to enjoy.

The plans have been sent off to a number of play area companies asking them to design a detailed plan of what the children have decided.

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These plans will be returned to EDDC, and a decision will be made as to which plan will go ahead.

After watching the presentation, community development worker, Polly Anderson, said: “I was very impressed with the presentation skills of year five/six and their enthusiasm for learning. Their community spirit was overwhelming.” Jamie Buckley said: “This is the first time the children have taken responsibility for an entire project - from their initial ideas - through to the design of the final play area. We were all very impressed.”