New classroom for Lympstone Primary School

Lympstone Primary School is set to gain a much needed new classroom.

The Lympstone Parochial Church Council has agreed to let the school build a new classroom on the current church room site, adjacent to the school’s main building. The church room will be demolished.

The school will have to pay rent for the land, but the PCC is expected to cover the cost of demolishing the current building.

Assuming the school and the PCC can agree terms, the new classroom should be completed during the next school year.

When it is finished, the new classroom will allow the school to have seven classes rather than the current six, making lessons less crowded.

Head teacher Tony Priest said: “At the moment, the school is oversubscribed and we are very space poor, so having an additional parcel of land available to us is going to be very useful. We would like to say thank you very much to the PCC.”

The PCC’s Mary Blair said: “We like to help the school and, though we can’t afford to give them much money, we can let them use our land.”