Marpool pupils show off grounds

Marpool Primary School children helped show off their natural surroundings at the school’s grounds day.

The school opened its gates to show off the wildlife in its grounds, and the children took part in a range of activities to help them learn more about it.

Among the activities, a group of children from Rowan base made bug hotels, to showcase the varieties of bugs found in the school grounds, and children from Chestnut base took part in a nature treasure hunt.

Headteacher Rachel Pattison said: “It was our best ever school grounds day in my opinion, with lots of members of the community coming and seeing all the good learning that’s taking place.

“We even had many children not wanting to leave school because they had more treasures to find.”

The school has also started a project to build a clay pizza oven, and raised �150 towards it by selling pizzas provided by Dominos.

Mrs Pattison said: “We’d like to thank Dominos for supporting us.”