Maer Lane residents say no to new home plan

A Maer Lane resident has accused town planners of breaking a previous pledge to stop the area from being developed.

The accusation was made by Mrs AH Mitchell at the town hall planning meeting last week – councillors subsequently decided not to back two new homes in the garden of Tumby Lawn, Maer Lane.

The owner of the property has also applied to build an extension to the existing home and a new double garage.

Mrs Mitchell was reffering to some other properties in Maer Lane which had been granted planning approval.

She said: “This will irrevocably damage our beautiful environment.

“The backfilling of homes means we no longer can be called Littleham Rural.

“Previous Conservative and Lib Dem councillors have promised not to back the backfilling in Maer Lane. You have broken your promise.”

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Councillor Bill Nash said: “They want to put two houses in the garden…it’s too much, its overdevelopment.”

The plans will now be decided by district planners.