Lessons come to life at Brixington Primary School

Pupils from Brixington Primary School learned about the work of a vet when Corner House vets head nurse spent time in the classroom

Learning came to life for the Brixington Primary School foundation class when they were visited by Corner House Veterinary Surgery head nurse Gemma Ross.

The youngsters had been learning about nocturnal animals and, after they requested a vet surgery role-play area in their classroom, teacher Amanda Schaufler contacted the professionals.

Gemma spoke about her job, the animals she has treated, showed the class animal x-rays and explained how they were taken.

Mrs Schaufler said: “I thought it would be great if we could get some x-rays of animals, which I really thought the children would not have had the chance to see before.

“They were amazed to see the cat’s rib cage and the dog’s teeth from the x-rays.”