Journal Vouchers for Schools Scheme starts soon

Collect Journal Vouchers for Schools from with the next issue.

The Journal is aiming to back schools in the area, with your help of readers.

From the first week in November, we will be publishing vouchers each week, through to the end of the year for readers to collect for their own school.

All you will have to do is cut out the voucher each week, a specimen of which is printed here, and take them into your school.

The vouchers will be redeemable until the end of January 2011, with each one worth a penny.

All the school has to do is send them into the Journal and we will then issue a cheque for the equivalent amount, which the school can spend on whatever it likes.

So, all you have to do is collect Journal vouchers, take them to your school and, providing they are sent to us by the end of January, we will send the school the money.