Four-year-old Exmouth girl is Journal Good Egg

Four-year-old Caitlin Mole (pictured) has won the Journal’s Good Egg award after the youngster rolled up her sleeves and gave up her Saturday morning to take part in a street clean-up.

Caitlin joined forces with other Sarlsdown Road residents in a community clean-up drive, when around 20 neighbours, young and old, set about improving the look of their street.

Weeds, rubbish and other litter and debris were bagged and binned during the morning.

The street’s make-over was complete once neighbours armed with brushes gave the road and pavement a thorough sweep.

Young Caitlin, the second young person to scoop the Good Egg award, also served tea and cakes to her fellow workers.

Her mum, Helen Vines, said: “Caitlin was easily the youngest. There are not many littlies in the road.

“She was delighted to find seven-year-old twins living down the road, one of whom, Jessica, was out helping with her mum and dad.

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“The clean-up was an idea of our neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, John, and Ken Harper, who tested out the idea on a number of us and we all said ‘yes, let’s do it’.

“I was keen to make it as sociable as possible so baked some cakes and did refreshments, which Caitlin helped handing out, and sampling!

“A number of us met neighbours we’ve never seen before and we’re already thinking about a big lunch next year and a street party for the Diamond Jubilee - and the road looks much better, too.”

The Good Egg accolade will be printed each week to spread the word of each selfless act – no matter how small the deed.

The awards are open to anyone – young or old – who has done a good deed for the community.

If you know someone who deserves a Good Egg award, let the Journal know. Nominate them at