Exmouth students’ receive A-level results

The overall A-level pass rate at Exmouth Community College has dropped compared with last year as students rush to secure a last-minute university place

SCREAMS of joy echoed across Exmouth today as students received their A-level results.

Hard-working youngsters descended on Exmouth Community College as early as 8am to find out how well they had performed.

Despite a number of students excelling in their chosen subjects, the amount of people who achieved A to C grades this year however, has taken a tumble compared with 2009, falling from 63 to 61 per cent.

The overall pass rate at A level has also dropped, from 95 to 93 per cent.

Simon Tanner, assistant principal of post 16, refused to be disappointed.

He said: “Overall we are pleased with the results because it was a tough year for the exams with the new A-star mark.

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“We know that we have work to do in a few areas but we’re also very pleased with certain students and the staff in subject departments who have clearly worked very hard this year.”

Mr Tanner said most of the students had managed to get their desired marks to guarantee a place at university.

But, crowds of students eager to secure a last-minute place arrived at the college early so they could contact UCAS’ clearing staff.

With record applications for university places at a national level, higher education bosses have warned that competition for courses through the clearer process would be fiercer than ever.

At AS level, the number of people who achieved A to E pass was 75 per cent. Three in five people who sat AS levels managed an A to C grade with eight per cent achieving an A grade.

The marks are based on initial examination figures.

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