Council to hire family care staff

A SHORTAGE of foster carers in Exmouth – specifically of carers for children with challenging behaviour – has prompted a new recruitment campaign by Devon County Council (DCC).

The council is focusing on children’s health and social care professionals, police, probation officers and people from the voluntary sector with experience of working with youngsters with challenging behaviours, to consider new roles as family care workers.

Usually the children are older and have had a number of foster care placements fail due to their difficult behaviour.

To these young people, experienced family care workers provide continuity and consistency in care within safe, loving, family environments.

Councillor Andrea Davis, cabinet member for the fostering service, said: “Being a family care worker is a full-time but enormously rewarding job that requires dedication, resilience and a determination to stick with the person they are caring for through thick and thin.

“These amazing carers really do help lead children, who have had difficult enough starts in life, to have brighter futures.”

For further details, call Devon County Council on 0845 155 1013.