College awards recognise pupil achievements

Exmouth Community College pupil Holly Quilter receives the Premier Cup from chair of governors Eliza

Exmouth Community College pupil Holly Quilter receives the Premier Cup from chair of governors Elizabeth Lee and college principal Tony Alexander. - Credit: Archant

Exmouth Community College’s best and brightest have been recognised once again at the annual Premier Awards.

The award ceremony followed a week of year group awards assemblies, and proud families and pupils packed the main hall for the evening at which pupils were praised and awarded framed certificates and cash prizes.

The winner of the top annual prize, the Premier Cup, was Holly Quilter, who was recognised for a list of achievements which were academic, artistic and sporting, receiving the cup and a substantial cash prize.

The full list of winners was as follows: ECC Premier Cup, Holly Quilter; Key Stage Four Award, Martha Ellett; Key Stage Four Service Award, Eve Birrell; Key Stage Three Award, Laura Barnes; Key Stage Three Service Award, George Allum; Citizenship Award, Kirsten Malton; STEM Award, Harvey Balsdon; Engineering, Patryk Nelkowski and Carmel Langlois.

Annual Subject Awards: Art and Design, Katherine Whitfield; Business Studies, Gregory Medlock; Classics, Hayley Redman; Dance, Matthew Hartley; Design and Technology, Danielle Wilks; Drama, Dale Pendelbury; English, Rebecca Smith; Geography, George Downs; Health and Care, Phoebe Rowe; History, Ana-Kristina Holmes; Computing/ICT, Kristian Oliver-Purdy.

Languages, Isobel Adams; Leisure and Tourism, Shannon Grover; Mathematics, James Colville-Hyde; Media, Emma Wooly; Music, Emily Eglinton; Physical Education, Martha Ellett; Religious Education, Rebecca Luford; Science, Hayley Redman.

Special Subject Awards: Art and Design, George Prew; Dance, Hannah Bessford; Drama, Holly Quilter; Languages, George Downs; Music, Ethan Grainger.

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Behaviour and Attitude Award: Year Seven, Jack Sparks; Year Eight, Rachel Deem; Year Nine, Ben Hopley; Year 10, Oliver Turner; Year 11, Ana-Kristina Holmes.

Head of Year Awards: Year Seven: Winner, Rebecca Jackson, commended, Tess Findel-Hawkins, Elizabeth Jackson; Year Eight: Winner, Tom Burrows, commended, Connie Webb, Anaya Kilburn-Thompson; Year Nine: Winner, Paige Mitchell, commended, Henry King, Jamie Waller; Year 10: Winner, Annabelle Brooks, commended, Joshua Brown, Mathew Jackson; Year 11: Winner, William Irving, commended, George Downs, Hayley Redman.

Rotary Awards: Individual Achievement Award: First, William Tidball; Second, Callum Rowcliffe; Third, Keiran Tellem.

Service to the College Community: First, George Melbourne; Second, Kellisha Gillard; Third, Stuart Smith.

Team Award: First, Year Eight College Football Team; Second, Year Seven College Football Team; Third, Under 18 Tennis Team.