Blast off for college pupils

Two teams of Exmouth Community College pupils are preparing to blast off on Woodbury Common when they enter the test flight and qualification stages of the UKAYROC National Rocketry Competition.

The teams, from year seven and year eight, have been designing and building their rockets since November.

In the competition, each rocket must reach an altitude of 800 feet, carrying two raw hens eggs safely throughout the flight, and the entire process must be completed in a total flight time of between 43 and 47 seconds.

An added complication to the build is that the rocket needs to weigh no more than 650 grams, leading to careful choices of materials and construction techniques.

The team members are Harvey Balsdon, Callum Rowcliffe, Ben Holland, Max Pegler, Oliver Berridge, Isabelle Stevens, Sam Arthur, Nico Bautista, Harriet Tyrrell and Nahanni Simcox.