Beacon School smash fundraising target

The Beacon School have smashed their fundraising target to help feed one million people in Africa.

The school council chose to support Christian Aid’s bid to raise �5,000 to help train young farmers in Burkina Faso to grow better crops and to sustainably feed whole communities in the seventh poorest country in the world.

But last week they presented a cheque to Christian Aid for a colossal �6,526.75.

Children washed cars, baked cakes, performed shows and used their talents to raise the cash.

Two dads even got involved. Jim Hunter and Mark Hoole walked over 200 miles from Plymouth to Poole to raise �2,000.

And now the children have surpassed the �5,000 mark and they will receive �25,000 funding from the European Union.

“The children were just amazing,” said Head Teacher Sue Lockwood.

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“They not only committed themselves to raising the money but, with Christian Aid’s help, they learned so much about African culture and the struggles facing the people of Burkina Faso.

“As a Church of England School, we try to help the children to understand what it means to have a Christian faith, and how to put that faith into action. Our children come from all backgrounds and from countries around the world, but they all worked together to reach their total of �5,000. I am so proud of them.”

Laura McAdam, Christian Aid’s regional co-ordinator for Devon, received the cheque at a celebration picnic at the school and, with EU match-funding, a massive �32,633.75 cheque will be sent to Africa.