Beacon School helps Africa

Beacon primary School pupils are hard at work rasing funds for the poor in Africa. The pupils hope to raise �5000 for those living in Burkina Faso.

Pupils at the Beacon Primary School have been doubling their money to raise funds for the poor in Africa

The youngsters are aiming to raise �5000 for Burkina Faso, the seventh poorest country in the world, which the European Union will multiply up to �25000 through a charity scheme run by Christian Aid.

Methodist Minister Derek Boswell gave the youngsters �5 and challenged them to double the cash in a bid to raise much-needed funds for the cause.

The pupils bought ingredients to bake cakes, raising �40 from selling their efforts.

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The cash raised was redistributed to pupils, with each youngster given �1 with the aim of turning it into �5.

Beacon school headteacher Sue Lockwood said: “Children are presently in the throws of all sorts of enterprise activities - from car washing to Easter card making and sales, from gardening to cake making and car booting.”

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