A taste for local food

East Budleigh school children learnt about the importance of healthy eating, and got a little messy making homemade pizza using only local ingredients.

Six and seven-year-olds at Drake’s Primary School also learnt about the importance of eating locally-sourced food.

The children walked to Otterton Mill, where they were given a tour by volunteer miller Brian Hart.

Then, by using locally milled wholemeal flour, the children made their own pizza bases.

They topped the bases with tomato sauce made using frozen locally grown tomatoes, and some roasted, seasonal root vegetables.

The finishing touch was cheddar from the East Budleigh Village Shop and free-range ‘Devon Rose’ ham from Budleigh delicatessen Delytes.

Teacher Louisa Corcoran said: “We talked about and tried some local seasonal vegetables and salads that had come directly from the village allotment.

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“We had great fun making our meal and loved the fact that all the food was local. And it was delicious!”

Finn, seven, said: “It’s good to know what’s in our pizza. Lots of food you buy contains chemicals which can make children silly or grumpy.”

Ryan, seven, said “If we get food from other countries it has to get here by boat or plane which might pollute our world.”