EDDC is not benefitting town

REGARDING Unitary Devon - do YOU trust their calculations?" l

REGARDING "Unitary Devon - do YOU trust their calculations?" I would like to answer Ms Sara Randall Johnson (East Devon District Council leader) with the following extract from an earlier piece done by Mouth of the Exe.We have, at the moment, a council which does not help the people who elect it but which predates upon them. We are paying for our own exploitation. Everything that has happened here - everything that will happen here in the future - is evidence for that assertion.My response to Ms Randall Johnson is, as it has been since the Conservatives won such massive and dangerous support in East Devon, I have found no evidence to trust politicians in authority whatever colours they sport.What matters to me is what goes on in Exmouth, and it is painfully obvious that EDDC is not, in the great scheme of things, benefiting the town. In fact, district party politics is continuing to destroy the prospects for Exmouth.I look forward to the day when local councils reflect local opinions, rather than a process which self-promotes by means of a "one, two or three line whipping system" which, by its very existence, mocks democracy.Such a leap of faith cannot, in my opinion, happen in what is effectively a two-party system, the responsibility for screwing the public bouncing inexorably between Labour and the Tories.Mike Fairclough, 19 Withycombe Road, Exmouth