EDDC ignoring residents gain

Planning permission has just been approved by the planners at East Devon District Council, allowing a town centre house to be turned into five apartments - thus ignoring the objections of eight neighbours, two town ward councillors and the town hall.

Objections were based on:

i. Overdevelopment of the property and loss of a family home;

ii. Inadequate parking provision in the area;

iii. Extra pressure on sewerage and drainage services;

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iv. Flood risk area;

v. Bin storage area too small in line with the new recycling scheme.

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It appears that EDDC has no concern for local issues that will not affect it directly, preferring to pack as many properties as possible into the area so they can reap the benefits of extra council tax.

I believe the council, more often than not, errs on the side of the applicant/developer, as it does not wish to be put in the position of fighting an appeal, with its inherent costs. Planning applicants at least have the right of appeal, unlike objectors, who have to sit back and accept the decision. This is not an isolated case, with many town centre houses now having been turned into flats and more likely to come.

EDDC appears to totally ignore their own Adopted East Devon Local Plan, of which Chapter 5, paragraph 5.43, states that ‘in some town centre locations, car-parking is a serious problem and in these areas proposals, which would result in an unacceptable increase in on-street parking, will be resisted’.

It is only a matter of time before parking rage becomes a major issue within the streets close to the town centre - but why should EDDC care?

When will they listen to us - the people who pay their wages?

Name and address withheld

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