Economic value of coastal path

The economic value of an English coastal trail

Nine months ago, the Marine and Coastal Access Act passed into law, so confirming the widely held view that the coast is a national treasure that we should all be able to share. Worryingly, over the past few weeks, there have been many reports warning that the future of the coastal path may be in jeopardy.

A complete coastal path would be a huge boost to the economy and the enjoyment of the British public, both of which are vitally important in these difficult financial times. The Coastal Path costs relatively little, but will bring much needed income and jobs to our beleaguered coastal regions. It will also be a source of attraction and enjoyment to tourists, both from home and abroad. As the recession continues to bite, we are seeing more and more people abandon their plans for a foreign break in favour of a trip to the British seaside. A complete coastal path will ensure they have an attractive alternative should they decide to stay at home.

Whether you live by the sea or just occasionally visit, a complete coastal path will be a source of pleasure we can all cherish. There is nothing better to revive the body and mind than a walk along the British coastline. I hope your readers will join me in calling on the government to continue to promote the coastal path and its part in the quintessential British seaside holiday, for the sake of our economy, our jobs and our enjoyment.

John Bainbridge

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