East Devon MPs warned about cutting safety costs

EAST Devon and Exeter MPs are to be lobbied by union chiefs in a bid to keep workplaces safe.

HUGO Swire, Ben Bradshaw and Neil Parrish are among the region’s MPs to be lobbied by union chiefs in a bid to keep workplaces safe.

Every day of the year on average six people in the South West suffer a major injury while at work while a person dies once every three weeks.

But union chiefs say the Government’s drive to cut costs means that vital oversight to ensure people are safe at work is at risk.

As part of European Health and Safety Week the South West TUC is calling on members to lobby their MPs about the importance of protecting safety budgets.

The Health and Safety Executive has already had to cope with a 25 per cent reduction in staff over the last 15 years and South West TUC chair John Drake said: “Asking businesses to regulate themselves isn’t going to be sufficient. Workers rely on the HSE and local authorities to make sure employers operate safely and, when things do go wrong, investigate properly.

“MPs need to be told that they can’t pinch pennies when it comes to people’s lives.”

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