Candidates for district council elections announced


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Voters will be going to the polls on Thursday, May 2, to decide who will represent them at East Devon District Council

Candidates standing in the upcoming East Devon District Council elections have been announced.

Registered voters will be going to the polls on Thursday, May 2, to decide who will represent them on the district council.

The candidates are as follows:

Exmouth Brixington ward

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Aurora Bailey (Liberal Democrats)

Fred Caygill (Conservatives)

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Maddy Chapman (Conservatives)

Andrew Colman (Liberal Democrats)

Dilys Hadley (Labour)

Cherry Nicholas (Conservatives)

Exmouth Halsdon ward

Megan Armstrong (independent)

Jill Elson (Conservatives)

Tony Hill (Conservatives)

Paul Millar (independent)

Pauline Stott (Conservatives)

Andrew Toye (Liberal Democrats)

Brian Toye (Liberal Democrats)

Tony Woodward (Green Party)

Exmouth Littleham ward

Brian Bailey (Liberal Democrats)

Keith Edwards (Labour)

Nick Hookway (independent)

Ono Olmedo (Liberal Democrats)

Bruce de Saram (Conservatives)

David Poor (Liberal Democrats)

Alan Whipps (Conservatives)

Joy Whipps (Conservatives)

Chris Wright (independent)

Exmouth Town ward

Olly Davey (Green Party)

Steve Hall (Conservatives)

Alex Sadiq (Liberal Democrats)

Tim Dumper (Liberal Democrats)

Eden Smith (Conservatives)

David Walsh (Conservatives)

Joe Whibley (independent)

Daniel Wilson (Labour)

Eileen Wragg (Liberal Democrats)

Budleigh and Raleigh ward

Alan Dent (Conservatives)

Tom Wright (Conservatives)

Pete Duke (Green Party)

Brigitte Graham (UKIP)

Patsy Hayman (Conservatives)

Paul Jarvis (independent)

Penny Lewis (Liberal Democrats)

Woodbury and Lympstone ward

William Carter (Conservatives)

Ben Ingham (independent)

Geoff Jung (independent)

Cheryl McGauley (Conservatives)

The Exmouth Withycombe ward seats will not be contested with Steve Gazzard and Brenda Taylor of the Liberal Democrats duly elected.

The Clyst Valley seat will also not be contested with Mike Howe of the Conservatives elected

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