East Budleigh ‘Neighbourhood Health Watch’ proposed

A pair of married East Budleigh GPs are setting up a ‘Neighbourhood Health Watch’ scheme to lookout for the well-being of villagers.

At a recent parish council meeting, Dr Peter Aitken spoke on behalf of his wife, Dr Jane Aitken, are trying to set up the pilot scheme which is set to be backed by the parish council this week.

The scheme proposes to create a membership-based neighbourhood health watch with aims which are agreed by members and co-ordinated by a volunteer.

Dr Aitken said: “Members will meet regularly to share experiences and ideas with each other. Health professionals will visit the group meeting. They will act as health coaches, giving advice on prevention and management of conditions, answering questions and guiding people to accessing useful resources.”

Councillor Michael Clarke volunteered to act as the village representative and will liaise with Dr Aitken at future meetings.

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