Early snow - pizza boxes

I decided to take an early morning stroll and watched the mist clear and the sun rise to warm the fresh clean air over the town of Exmouth.

As I strolled around what used to be the glorious Strand Gardens, clearly it had been a hooligans’ playground the night before.

The hooligan nightlife had left their mess for that wonderful team of busy elves at StreetScene. However, there were hundreds of genetically modified snowflakes scattered everywhere I looked - and it is only August!

Upon closer examination, I discovered the snowflakes were 14 inches square - pizza boxes from a fast food outlet.

Why can’t these litter louts deposit their litter in the 16 stainless-steel litter bins, which cost us, the taxpayer, �1,250 each, erected by our forward-thinking design team from Devon County Council.

I attempted to deposit this huge cardboard container into the mouth of the nearest shiny new litter bin, only to discover as to why these bins would not accept these pizza containers and do what they are supposed to do, ie collect rubbish.

The mouth of these new, �1,250 bins is only six and a half inches wide and there is not one bin in the area that will accept pizza boxes. You even have to squash a polystyrene takeaway box to get it in.

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This is an area dominated by takeaway units; therefore, creating more work for the lads from StreetScene.

Surely it is time that Devon County Council’s design team sorted out this absolute �3 million worth of shambles that they have created here in the town.

R J Penberthy

13 Langstone Drive, Exmouth.